Love Heart (18")
"I love this unique necklace! It will always be a treasure"
- Marissa, Jan 11 2022, Etsy

Silver Heart Inlay (18")
"This piece is beautiful! I surprised my wife with this necklace for our wedding anniversary and she absolutely loved it. The craftsmanship is top notch!"
- John, Nov 9 2021, Etsy

Silver Heart Inlay (18")
"The pendant is awesome. Very elegant and the 5 metal pips add just the right flash. Very cool and unique 5 year anniversary gift"
- Tom Nickerson, June 1 2021, Etsy

Gold Ring Inlay
"Product was beautifully packaged in gift box with ribbons well shipped and arrived on time. necklace is high quality, with fine details in metal."
- Stephen Gardner, Sept 27 2021, Etsy

Custom Golden Bar
"Exactly as described, it certainly delighted my wife on the occasion of our fifth anniversary. It's just her style, and was well presented in a very handsome gift box. I got to see it at the same time she did, and was just as happy to give it as she was to receive it. Five stars aren't enough. Good show!"
- J. Travis Coover, Dec 3 2021, Etsy

5 Crystals - Silver
"I purchased this necklace for my 5th wedding anniversary and I have to say that this is a beautiful, absolutely beautiful piece of jewelry. Packaged delicately and presented well. My wife loves it."
- Gregory, May 27 2021, Etsy

Inlay Pendant - Gold
"Got this for my wife for our 5 year anniversary and she LOVED it! Very well made. Great quality and very elegant piece. Thank you!"
- Alex, Oct 9 2020, Etsy

Inlay Pendant
"Delivered from Toronto to SoCal in a week in the middle of a pandemic! Amazing!! And it's a beautiful piece, my wife loved it. Thank you, Liel and Lentz."
- Jonathan Venezia, June 27 2020, Etsy

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