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Article: Choosing Your Wood Jewelry Engraving

Choosing Your Wood Jewelry Engraving

When it comes to personalizing a wood jewelry gift, the possibilities are nearly endless. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you can opt for something meaningful, such as an engraved phrase that speaks directly to them, important dates or initials, or something more abstract, like symbols and characters.

For those who prefer to keep things simple and timeless, there's nothing quite like the beauty of laser-engraved initials on a wooden bracelet. This thoughtful touch adds just the right amount of sentiment without being too overbearing. It also allows you to give any piece of jewelry an extra layer of meaning and significance—the perfect way to make your gift stand out from all the rest. Here is our TIGER WOOD bracelet (made with Tiger's Eye stones and a rectangular Pau Ferro wooden bar strung with elastic wire). The customer chose an important date to engrave on the wooden bar. It is small and subtle, but clearly very meaningful.

mens wood bracelet with engraving

Another timeless option is the classic engraved initials. This is an extremely popular option with our customers and their gift recipients love it too! Whether it's the single letter initials (ie. A + B) or double initials (AB + CD), this personalization option offers such a sweet and romantic sentiment. Here is our LOVE HEART INLAY pendant in silver (made with .925 silver chain and findings and a Pau Ferro wood heart). This engraving is the single letter initials paired with a heart symbol below... a heart etched onto a heart, how sweet?!

wood heart with engraving for a 5 year anniversary gift

Depending on which jewelry piece you are selecting, short phrases can be laser etched onto the wood. The INLAY PENDANT (in silver or gold) and the GOLDEN BAR (or SILVER BAR) can have short messages engraved (up to 16 characters long). This could be a short phrase, song lyrics, biblical verse, love note, inside joke or any message of your choosing! Here we have the GOLDEN BAR (a 14K gold plated over brass chain and pendant with a Pau Ferro wood bar set into a rectangular metal bezel) with the engraving message "always + forever"

An alternate option for a longer engraving is a significant date written in long-form. This adds a slightly more formal feel to your engraving instead of the abbreviated form month/day/year or day/month/year. An engraved date really serves as an eternal reminder of your love and appreciation for each other every time they wear it. 
In our example below, the customer selected the INLAY PENDANT and had their wedding date engraved on backside of the pendant. The necklace was gifted as a fifth year wedding anniversary gift.

Engraved wood jewelry makes an already thoughtful gift that much more special. Whether you choose to engrave a name, initials, special phrase, a symbol / special characters or a significant date, you are giving them something that is custom and incredibly thoughtful  - something that reminds them of how much they mean to you every single time they look at it. They are sure to treasure their engraved wood gift forever and always.

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