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Article: Silver or Gold? How to choose your metal colour.

Silver or Gold? How to choose your metal colour.

Shopping for a jewelry gift is an intimate and personal experience. You want to choose something that will look beautiful and special on the person you are buying it for. But how do you know if silver, gold or even rose gold will be the best colour option? Here, we’ll discuss a few tips on how to choose the right metal for your jewelry gift.

Skin Tone: Cool, Warm and Dark
Warm Skin Tones
If you have warm skin tones, then you want to choose jewelry that complements it. Gold and rose gold are great choices as they will add a touch of warmth and colour to your complexion. Silver can work too, but it won’t make quite as much of a statement.

Cool Skin Tones
If you have cool skin tones, then silver is definitely the way to go! Silver will bring out the cooler undertones in your complexion and give it an extra boost of sparkle and shine. Gold and rose gold can also work, but silver tends to be the best choice for those with cool skin tones.

Darker Skin Tones
For those with darker skin tones, all three types of jewelry—silver, gold and rose gold—are great options! Rose gold looks especially stunning against darker complexions because it adds a subtle warmth that really stands out against the dark hues of your skin. Gold is also a great option for those with darker skin tones as it adds just enough shimmer without being too overpowering. Silver looks beautiful as well, but if you’re looking for something more dramatic, then go for one of the other two metals instead!

Some metals require more care than others, in order to maintain their bright and beautiful colour. Sterling silver tends to oxidize over time due to exposure to air, water and skin oils. To prevent this from happening too quickly, it is best stored in a special anti-tarnish box or pouch when not being worn. However, if the sterling silver is plated in Rhodium, this is not something you need to worry about. We have several silver pendants that are rhodium-plated, and therefore, will not tarnish. Here are some examples to check out: Silver Ring Inlay, Custom Silver Bar and Spheres 

Gold jewelry is renowned for its durability. Gold does not oxidize like silver does, so there is no need for special storage conditions. With that said, we don't recommend exposing gold jewelry to chemicals, creams or oils that could eat away at the gold colour. 

Rose gold requires less maintenance than sterling silver because it does not tarnish easily; however, like all jewelry pieces, rose gold should still be cleaned regularly in order to keep its shine intact over time.

Personal preference is the final factor to consider when selecting between silver, gold and rose gold metal for your jewelry gift. Regardless of skin tone or lifestyle factors, some people just prefer a certain metal colour. This should always be considered first and foremost. If you have any questions about selecting a metal colour for your L&L jewelry gift, we are always here to help. Check out our contact page here to get in touch.

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