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Article: Traditional and Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts 2024

Traditional and Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts 2024

Traditional and Modern 5th Anniversary Gifts 2024

The traditional gift for a 5-year wedding anniversary is wood, symbolizing the strength and stability of the marriage, much like the growth rings of a tree. Wood represents the enduring nature of the relationship and the solid foundation that has been established over the five years.

The modern or contemporary gift for a 5-year wedding anniversary is silverware. Silverware is associated with shared meals, unity, and the refined nature of a maturing relationship. The use of silverware in daily life signifies the couple's commitment to building a life together and enjoying the simple pleasures of shared meals.

Couples often choose between these traditional and modern themes when selecting anniversary gifts, and they can be creative in finding items that incorporate these symbolic elements into their celebrations. We love the idea of combining both the traditional and modern aspects of the 5th anniversary gift into one: wood and silver. Lets explore some of our favourite jewelry pieces from our Wood and Silver collection:

We love this long pendant necklace because of its sleek sophistication and versatility. It can be worn with either the front side or back side facing forward for ultimate optionality. The contrast of the polished silver bezel with the rich hues of the Pau Ferro wood ring make for a really spectacular piece of jewelry. The wood is sanded silky smooth to the touch and finished with a natural oil.


Our OG pendant ( the Silver Bar Inlay) received an upgrade! In this new slimmed down version, a delicate wood bar is set in a silver metal casing and hangs from a fine cable link chain. Engraving on the wood is available to make it extra special.

Beauty is in the simplicity of this classic design. The wood and metal are seamlessly integrated together and the contrast of the two materials makes for a beautiful wood stud earring. The depth of the sphere gives the earring great presence, while still being super lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear. 

A sleek horizontal wood bar is set in a silver metal bezel. Not too big, not too small - it's perfect. Add a custom engraving of up to 12 characters on righthand side of the bar to add that special personal touch.

A delicate wood heart set in a silver metal bezel. Perfect on its own or layered with other necklaces. A modern aesthetic with a subtle touch of symbolism. Lightweight and easy to wear everyday. A modern take on the traditional 5 year anniversary gift of wood. 

The large silver bar inlay is a classic L&L style and has been a beloved best seller for many years. A long rectangular wood bar is set in a gold metal bezel and inlaid with 5 silver dots. Each dot represents a year of marriage and makes for a beautiful 5th anniversary gift.

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