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Article: Best Wood Gifts by for 2023

Best Wood Gifts by for 2023

We are always thrilled to have our work recognized by others, and just recently, published their list of best wood anniversary gifts for 2023 and our SILVER HEART INLAY was as the top of the list! Here's what they had to say about the 5th wedding anniversary:
"What do love and trees have in common? They’re both strong and stable, can withstand difficult weather, and with nurturing and care they thrive and grow. That’s why wood is a wonderful, and meaningful, anniversary gift. As the traditional 5th-anniversary gift, wood is symbolic of a marriage that is solid, sturdy, and enduring. And as a gift for any other anniversary—well, it’s symbolic of the same thing! Which imbues the gift with a powerful, poignant meaning to mark any milestone in a marriage. 

Wood comes in many forms. From artwork to tabletop serving pieces, accessories to appliances and furniture to scents, wood makes up so many parts of our world. While it’s an amazing material, it also means that finding that special something made of wood can be both easy and overwhelming. We’ve narrowed it down to some of our very favorite gifts for your bae—the ones that have romance in their roots and significance in their core."

"For the lady who loves bling, this necklace is just the thing. Handcrafted in Canada, this wooden heart features five inlaid sterling silver dots—the a perfect 5th-anniversary gift that’s both sweet and symbolic."

Our SILVER HEART INLAY necklace is made of a Pau Ferro wood heart pendant that is inlaid with 5 sterling silver dots that represent 5 years of marriage. The pendant hangs from a delicate .925 silver chain and clasp. Engraving is available for the backside of this pendant to add that extra level of significance and personalization. You may select up to 10 characters for your engraving. You can explore more about this pendant here.

What is the 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift?

The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift is wood. Wood symbolizes a strong and sturdy relationship, much like a tree that stands tall despite the changing of seasons. This anniversary is also known as an important milestone in marriage, so there's no better way to celebrate it than with a meaningful wooden gift. Whether it's an engraved cutting board, personalized photo frame or maple jewelry box, these gifts all represent the commitment and strength of your union and can be cherished for years to come. Plus, by gifting wood you'll be following one of the oldest traditions when it comes to 5th wedding anniversaries. So show your love this special day with a timeless wooden gift!

No matter what type of wooden present is chosen for the 5th wedding anniversary, it's sure to be remembered as a special milestone in the couple's journey together. Each year of marriage is a reminder of how far the two have come and what they've achieved together, and this fifth year is no exception. So celebrate with a beautiful wooden gift and remind your beloved that not only does your love stand the test of time, but also will continue to grow stronger each day!

The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift carries so much more significance than just being aesthetically pleasing. Representing strength and perseverance, wood symbolizes the commitment and dedication required for a successful marriage. When gifting wood on such an important occasion, it's best to choose something that can stand the test of time – just like your love! So make sure to pick a unique wooden gift that will remain special for years to come.

This 5th wedding anniversary is truly an important milestone in the couple's life together and gifting wood is one of the oldest traditions in celebrating such a meaningful occasion. With so much significance, it’s no wonder why wooden gifts have remained popular throughout the centuries! Show your partner how much you care on this special day with a beautiful wooden present and begin another five years of marital bliss.

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