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Article: Our Process

Our Process

We love combining organic and inorganic materials in unexpected ways, which is why we've become known for our mix of wood, stone and metal to create timeless jewelry pieces.  Let's take a look at the process behind making these pieces; from material selection to manufacturing a finished product.

The Selection Process
It all starts with hand-selecting planks of wood that have the right aesthetic characteristics: interesting grain pattern (not too much, not too little), strength (no knots or cracks) and deep rich colours (chocolate brown with subtle hints of golden brown are our favourite). Once the wood planks are selected they are planed to the appropriate thickness and cut to the desired length.

The Sanding Process
The wood is then sent off to the laser cutters, who will cut and etch shapes for various necklace, bracelet and earrings styles. Once the wood has been cut, the shapes are popped out of the plank and are ready for hand sanding. Each piece is sanded with many different grits of sand paper in order to achieve a finish that is silky smooth to the touch. Once sanded, each wood piece is coated with a natural oil that will help protect it from moisture damage and any other wear and tear that would otherwise diminish its appearance over time.

The Finishing Process
The finished wood pieces are then ready to be set in a bezel or fixed to a chain depending on the particular jewelry piece. If personalized engraving is required, the wood piece will be engraved just before this step.
The finished jewelry piece is then examined thoroughly for any possible flaws. and after passing inspection, is ready to be shipped to its new owner!


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