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Article: Reflecting on 2022: Best Personalized Engravings

Reflecting on 2022: Best Personalized Engravings

2022 was a huge year for us as it saw the start of our personalized engravings offering. Throughout the year we've seen so many thoughtful, romantic and creative engravings that our customers thought up, so we had to share some of our favourites...

Here are our top 10 (in no particular order):

1. "always+forever"

2. "my everything"

3. "para siempre"

4. "i wood forever"

5. "te dua shume"

6. "forever ever"

7. "to the moon and back"

8. "my love"

9. "for me it's you"

10. "someone like you"

Engraving has been around since ancient times and is widely considered the oldest form of writing and communication. The messages that were written hundreds or even thousands of years ago still remain today because they were engraved into stone or metal. Similarly, when you engrave a message on a piece of jewelry, it is etched into the material itself and will last forever. This makes it a timeless reminder of love and can be cherished for many years to come.  

There are so many options for engraving, including your wedding anniversary date, the day you first met or even the date you will be gifting the jewelry piece. You can engrave your initials, full names, special sayings or phrases and even special symbols and emoticons.

Engraving your  jewelry gift is a great way to make a special statement about how much this milestone means to both of you. Not only does it add meaning and significance, but also helps ensure that this momentous occasion will never be forgotten. Whether you choose a date, words or a special symbol – take advantage of this unique opportunity by adding an extra touch of love.

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