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All Liel and Lentz silver is .925 sterling silver. This can be cleaned using a high quality silver polishing cloth or dip. Please be careful not to apply the cleaner to any wood or semi precious stones.
The easiest method is to clean the silver chains with a silver polishing dip, and the silver rings (which attach the wood to the chain) with a silver polishing cloth.

Liel and Lentz gold fill is 14 karat gold pressure-bonded over a small core of brass. It is permanent and will not wear off or tarnish. This is guaranteed for life. Gold fill is a much higher quality than gold plated or vermeil.

The wood in each Liel and Lentz piece has been carefully considered. It is hand-treated with a natural oil finish. To avoid potential damage, do not immerse the wood in water or any other liquid. If you leave the wood in a dry or humid area, there is a chance the wood will crack.
With wear and exposure to sunlight, the wood will age and the colour may change slightly. Such developments add beauty and character to your Liel and Lentz piece and should be expected.